The best laid plans…

So you’ll see that after all of my posturing in my last post, I decided not to change its appearance all.  The truth is that I really like this theme and the fact that you can pick any of my past posts so easily.  I can still spend some time improving how easily you can get around it, but I will definitely complete that task before the end of the month (July!)

It occurred to me when I started this post that the first thing that seems to be required is for me to assign a title to the post.  I can never think of anything as I write in such a free flowing way.  I literally write what’s in my head.  Mostly unplanned.

“A bold move!” I hear you say.  Quite right, hence the name of my blog!

Now, where was I?

I got up rather late this morning – being that it’s Saturday – but I arose with great purpose!

Every day I schedule a top 3.  That is to say, three things that I want to achieve by the end of the day.

These tasks do not include housework – tiresome as it is, there’s housework to be done every day! Nor do these items include language learning – again, this is something that I do every day.

So I think that you will agree that adding an additional three items to my daily schedule is quite an ambitious goal!

And that’s why whenever I achieve just one of those top three tasks, I am filled with the utmost pleasure.

Writing this post was one of today’s top 3.

I also intend to complete my second quilt. The quilt top is done, and I have joined the backing fabric.  All that I need to do now is attach the top and backing to the batting material – and Quilt!

I’m looking forward to it actually. I’ll be using some new skills and using a couple of new sewing machine feet (eek!)

And this morning, the postman brought news of payment for another pair of my cufflinks at my favourite gallery in Torquay, Cockington Court and European Medical insurance cards for myself and hubby in readiness for our upcoming short trip to Amsterdam next week.

I think it’s going to be a good day.

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