Monday, Monday!

I have long stopped dreading Mondays – what are you going to do?  Time passes anyway, right?

And since I parted company with regular corporate workers, to join the ranks of fellow contractors and freelancers, I have had less to complain about – regarding work, anyway!

But this Monday morning I did struggle.

I woke up with aching shoulder joints and spent my first conscious five minutes debating whether to get up or not.

But the truth is that I had far too much planned for the day to stay in bed, so remaining where I was wasn’t an option.

Then I visualised the first 3 things that I would do when I got up.  I find this way of organising my day works really well for me and it also keeps me focused.  And 3 is one of my favourite numbers.

I work out at home five or six days a week, and the control freak that lives within has a schedule worked out month by month.  I’m not joking!  And I prefer to work out in the mornings.

So I decided that the first three things I would do when I got up would be:

  1. Make and drink coffee with pain killers.
  2. Do scheduled kickboxing workout.
  3. Shower.

I figured that I’m 53 years old – sometimes I’m going to ache and creak.  I should just get over it!

As I expected, I felt great during my workout.  And by the time I was done, I could detect no pain at all.

Of course, I do realise that I am extremely lucky to be able to do a home workout at 9.30am and still get to work on time!

Happy Monday everyone!




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