Better, Stronger, Fitter


So I’ve been checking my output and noticed that the my last blog post was on Friday.  I had targeted myself with producing a post every other day, so I have already fallen down on my own goals (although I’ve also told myself that weekends don’t really count as I’m always normally busy doing “stuff”!)

Friday is my favourite day of the working week, but I absolutely love weekends – whether I have anything planned or not.  I like to savour each day, and I even remark on how great it is that it’s the weekend – with whoever is in closest vicinity.

I suppose if I was a better housewife, I’d spend the weekend cleaning my house.

But I’m not and I don’t!  My husband loves me in spite of this (or perhaps because of this)!

Don’t get me wrong, my house isn’t a total tip, it’s just that I resent spending the entire weekend on housework.  I’d rather do a little bit of housework each day than spend dedicated weekend time on it.

In order to make myself feel a little bit better, I earmark two household tasks each day of the weekend, that I insist on completing – normally hoovering the living room, hall and staircase carpets, and tidying up the kitchen on one day and, perhaps something else on the Sunday.

But I can’t guarantee it – especially if the sun is shining.

Or neighbours wave bottles of Pimms at us and invite us over for barbecues!

Or I don’t feel like it!

As it happens, last Saturday I didn’t feel too good.  My shoulder was playing up and I was in a lot of pain.  Made worse, no doubt, by my MS.

So I couldn’t go to my neighbours’ barbecue and had to sit in my favourite chair in our living room under the soothing effect of kindly-administered painkillers.

But I was still productive.  Ironically, when I’m ill, all I want to do is housework!


So on Saturday afternoon I decided to change my workout routine – clearly I’m doing too much strength training and not allowing enough time for my muscles to recover if I’m regularly experiencing shoulder pain.

I wondered why I’d stopped practising yoga? I’ve now put it back in my routine.  And I’ve reduced my strength training, so I will just be doing a cardio/strength combo twice a week instead of three.

I’ll see how things go for the next fortnight.  And I’ll keep you posted.

Yesterday was Sunday, and I felt much better.

So I did a load of housework!



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