Meet Edie …

… She’s our dog.


Part Jack Russell, and part unknown, she’s only small, but what she lacks in size she more than makes up for with personality.

We got Edie from a dog rescue shelter, a week after our son, Theo, left for university.  Theo frequently reminds us of our obvious feebleness, quoting this as an example.

We only went to the shelter to “have a look”.  And it was love at first sight.  I rather think that Edie chose us, as opposed to the other way round.  Anyway, we had already booked a home visit by the time we left.

And Edie’s been a part of this family for more than 6 years now.

She loves my husband, Ben, the most and lives in his study.  She has her bed on his guest sofa and sits under his desk when he’s on the phone.  This is also where Edie sleeps.  And she’s as quiet as a church mouse.

In fact, Edie only barks when she sees a cat loitering in the garden or another dog becomes too friendly. She has no time for other dogs!

We’re very fortunate to live very close to a well known regional forest, and I took Edie out for a long walk this morning.  We normally let her off the lead in the forest so that she can have a proper run around so, naturally, she loves her forest walks.

This morning was no different, I had my earphones in and was listening to music while Edie did what she normally does – intense sniffing, running and … other things!

The first half of our walk was uneventful.  The weather is glorious at the moment, and the schools have all broken up for the summer, so there were a few families out walking, with their dogs – which Edie haughtily ignored.

But as we were returning to the car park, I spotted – in the distance and coming our way – a large group of people with an equally large group of dogs.   There must have been around ten of them – each with a dog.  And the dogs were huge!

Edie can be quite yappy whenever she is confronted with other dogs – especially big dogs. She’s quite silent when she’s at home, but finds her voice outside when faced with any other (usually well behaved) dog.

Clearly, logic has nothing to do with her behaviour; any of these dogs could have had Edie for breakfast!

And she only obeys my command when she feels like it! I was frankly a bit petrified.

But then, just in the midst of Diana Ross and the Supremes’ rendition of “Can’t Hurry Love”,  I noticed that each and every one of these dog walkers put their charges on a lead and fell into single file.

And for once, Edie behaved beautifully and just trotted past them without a backward glance!

“You are all just wonderful”, I said as I passed the first walker.

When I looked back, they had reformed into the messy bunch that I first saw coming towards us.  My gratitude and relief was palpable.

“You were magnificent!” I announced to Edie.

She just gave me a look which seemed to say “well of course I am!”




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