Pokemon Go

I’m really not into Pokemon Go, but like the rest of the western world, I have an understanding of this latest reincarnation of the little yellow beastie.


I first heard about it a few weeks ago from my adult son; we were in the car – I’d just picked him up from somewhere – when he asked me “Mum, so have you heard about Pokemon Go?”

I told him that I hadn’t and he then proceeded to give me an outline.  My son has always been a gamer, is a wonderful orator and very thorough! So after listening to the basics, I soon switched off and proceeded to listen to my own internal white noise in my head!

But now I have started seeing stories popping up in my newsfeed about people getting arrested for acting suspiciously – like wandering around at night searching our various Pokemon characters.  Or hurting themselves by not looking up when in search of various Pokemon points.

Some aspects of the Pokemon Go phenomena are certainly newsworthy.

But the best thing that I’ve read about Pokemon Go was this morning.  It’s a hypothetical piece written by a fellow blogger who I admire and follow.

And I just had to share.

Do take a look at it – I have reblogged it, keeping the writer’s credit intact, complete with the illustrations (and the occasional swear word) that he used.  The blogpost is called Pokemon Go Deaths, and the original blogger is TonyBologna.

Check it out!




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