Great Aunt … Me?

In amongst the wonderful news that our family received this weekend, of my nephew and his wife having had their first child – a gorgeous little boy – I also became a Great Aunt!

I mean, I ask you! Can you think of anything more ageing than being referred to as Great Aunt Yinka?

I’m only 53, for goodness’ sake! I’m not even a grandmother yet!

And why does Great Aunt sound so much older than Great Uncle?

“I don’t know, but it does!” was the unhelpful response from my husband (the Great Uncle).

I suspect that my reaction stems from the various incarnations of maiden aunts that I have encountered through literature.  And a couple of friends too, if I’m honest!

I feel ashamed – as a self-confessed feminist – to even have these unenlightened thoughts. But there you have it!

Our very latest family addition (my great nephew !) is quite gorgeous and I can’t wait to meet him (we learned of his arrival through the medium of Facebook!)


It’s been a family-fuelled couple of days lately.

My son returned from his holiday in Norfolk, Virginia, on Sunday, which brought me no end of happiness.

And yesterday, we had a great conference call with my sister and her other half (they’re both in Amsterdam) as we are doing a work project with them.  Another nephew of mine (much younger, being a mere teenager) is staying with her for some of his summer holidays.

Like ducklings in a line, these expanding family events are fun!



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