Rio Olympics


Towards the end of the London Olympics of 2012, I announced to my husband that we would be at the next Olympics in Rio!

Well, the Universe conspired against me, and I find myself at home in Bewdley instead of Rio for Olympic fortnight!

No matter!  It’s Friday and the sun is shining.  When the televised Opening Ceremony starts tonight, I shall be at home, ensconced in my favourite armchair, with a glass of wine in hand, in front of the television and imagining that I am there.  The next best thing, for sure.

I am not in the least bit sporty, but I love, love, love the Olympics.  Always have.

I remember during the 2004 Athens Olympics, we three amigos had rented a perfectly charming little cottage in a plum orchard in the south of France for our summer holiday. But we still took the time to watch the French commentary of some of the key sporting events on TV while we were there.

We also did a lot of cycling and played a lot of tennis while we were there too!

The London Olympics was such a marvellous feel-good event – for all of the UK.  I even had a couple of nephews, and one of my reading group friends, who were Games Volunteers.  They all reported that they had had an amazing time working at the event.

I know that Brazil has a lot of problems, but I hope that most Brazilians will  be able to enjoy the spotlight on their country during this great sporting fortnight.



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