My mind is full!  It’s bursting with ideas because I have been inspired.

By my sister.

My sister has lived in Amsterdam for the past 20 years or so, she’s 14 years younger than me, she has 3 great kids and is an amazing and successful entrepreneur.  Fortunately we manage to see each other a couple of times a year.  Either we go to the Netherlands or she comes here.

We are very close and I love her beyond words.

This afternoon we had a long, scheduled chat on Whatsapp.

I have recently made a significant change of direction with my career and in amongst finding myself in this new situation and trying to be clear with my new identity, I called upon my sister to provide professional clarity for me.  This is something she’s very skilled at.

She effectively coached me through pertinent aspects of my work portfolio, including but not exclusively:

  • My website
  • My client focus
  • My prospect base
  • Clarity to my skills portfolio
  • My professional identity
  • Tools that were available to me that I was previously unaware of

My sister runs a couple of very successful businesses in Amsterdam and is well recognised in her field of social media and marketing, so she is well placed to advise me and I was grateful for her guidance.

The result of our conversation, however, is that I now have even more work to do to ensure that my freelance business gets the best exposure and successful launch possible.

Following our exhaustive conversation, I discussed some of the points that I had gone over with my husband.  I told him that I was feeling excited, frightened and exhilarated.  He just smiled and said that there was nothing that I couldn’t do.

He’s always been my biggest fan!

Then our son called us from Norfolk, Virginia where he’s on holiday.  He sounded terrific; happy, relaxed, content and his normal witty self.

I am indeed full!



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