Why the name change?

That IS what you’re thinking, right?

Well, the truth is I’ve been doing some research and, apparently, having the blog site with just my name as the title was, frankly, uninspiring.

And boring.

And lazy.

And, I needed a tagline.

So I really had to take a moment and give it some serious thought…

What do I want my blog to represent – I think that I know, but this is a very fluid area and could well change!

So what’s it about?  Hmm, another tricky one!  It really is about anything that comes to (my) mind.  And I mean anything that comes to mind when I get to my study, sit at my desk and start typing.   Sometimes, it will be inspired by something that’s on the news.

Or it might be triggered by something that I’ve read.

It could even be the result of an argument that I’ve just had – and lost!  This could be my way of getting my point of view across without any interruptions (or logic!)

And that’s why I came up with the name, Emboldened.

Writing this blog makes me feel emboldened to offer up my views and deliberations – uninvited – on any subject that I like.  It makes me feel quite brave.  Unjustifiably so, it’s true, but there you have it.

Emboldened represents (some of) my views – without a filter.

Don’t be too alarmed, though.  I am essentially very risk averse and don’t like to make too much of a fuss!


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