Who I am and Why I’m Here

Howdy world!

Although this is the third post on this blog, I am going to go right back to basics and tell you who I am and why I’m here.

This has taken a lot of thought, but as I consider this to be a safe place – where I can be open and honest and share (some of) my thoughts with you all – I am going to attempt to address this pithy title as truthfully as I can.

I am an imperfect female human – my name is Yinka Fedden – I’m in my 50s, a wife, a mother, a daughter, a sister, a dog owner and a friend.  I make my living as a freelance trainer, content marketer and blogger and I live in Bewdley in Worcestershire (UK).  And I am happy.

The reason that I am here is mostly self indulgent; I love writing and my vanity means that I love it even more when people read (and like) what I write.  I write to practice the craft of writing and get better at it; after all, I make my living from writing training material and producing web content and blogs for some of my clients.

And finally, I write to better understand myself.

Yinka July 16


Who do I want to read this blog?

When I think about my readers, I think of just about anybody.


I think about people finding me through mindless browsing (in other words, people just like me), people travelling and needing to use up that “dead time” that you encounter when you have to make a connection or when you are just boarding a train and waiting for it to move, or of people in coffee houses or teas rooms waiting to meet friends – and just looking to fill a few minutes of their time.

I have to also admit that I think of prospective clients – and imagine them reading some of my posts and thinking “golly, she has a variety of interests – I must get in touch with her…”, or “what wonderful punctuation and English grammar – just what I was looking for!”

Truly, this blog is for everyone and anyone.

And I will be writing about anything that pops into my head.

Really, anything!


So why am I making this so public?

I could have written a diary or a journal, right?


But so much of this is down to me wanting to be accountable.  Being accountable means that I am seen to be doing what I say I will do.  A blog is a public declaration – if not of intent, certainly of thought!  I am trying very hard to make this a regular habit – and I’m not there yet.

But I will be soon.


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