Theo_Bhx_0716It’s early Sunday evening and I am back in my office.  Just for a short spell today and specifically to report that my beloved son, Theo, is now safely with his girlfriend in Norfolk, Virginia (the American Virginia, you understand!)

We both left early yesterday morning for Birmingham International Airport so that he could be on his way in good time.  He successfully shooed me away from the Check In desk “you can’t follow me here, Mum, like some baby duckling…!”  And he reluctantly posed for this shot before going through to Departures.

I love him completely, so will naturally miss him terribly – but he’ll be home in a fortnight.

I spent the rest of yesterday morning pottering around the house, not doing anything of any importance, other than hoovering the living room and muttering about how much more I had to do before we went away for the weekend – I’m prone to  bit of self-imposed martyrdom, I’m afraid!

Thankfully (if not just for my husband’s sanity), shortly later we left for my sister-in-law’s house where we spent a gorgeous evening on the river, laughing, eating and drinking.  It doesn’t take much to shake me out of a temporary spell of melancholia!

This morning was just as enjoyable and taken up with a leisurely home cooked breakfast (which naturally featured copious cups of coffee), discussing current affairs (mostly concerning Brexit, I’m afraid) and more laughter, before another sister-in-law popped in.

I was conscious, most of the time this weekend, that I owed another post.  And I’ve already changed the title twice as I am writing mostly with my subconscious.

As I get older I realise more and more how important family is to me.  I am blessed to be part of a large family – with four surviving siblings and their children, my mother, my husband’s equally large family and related offspring.  The blessing is increased by the fact that we all genuinely like each other and enjoy spending time together.

Whether it’s just me and hubby -“us 2 chickens”; or the three of us (with Theo in residence) – the “3 Amigos”; or any other combination with part of or all (very occasional, it’s true) family members, it’s a blast!

Theo called me on Whatsapp just before I came upstairs this evening and I put him on speaker so that his father could speak to him too.  He’s doing just fine and he’s so happy to be with his beloved.  We all laughed a lot and it put the smile back on my face.


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